Assignment #7

This bird is pretty cool. I think its amazing how it can produce all these sounds from other things. I also believe that we are having a big impact on the natural world. Just listening to the bird making the car alarm sound tells me that we are having just a little too much impact on our environment.


Effects of Media on Self Image

The media is always showing advertisements about what they think the perfect body and beauty is, little do they know it has a big impact on young boys and girls. The perfect woman is portrayed as an ultra thin, no imperfections, and the prefect sense of style. Young women that see this often become depressed, have increased body dissatisfaction, and lowered self-esteem. Studies show that women who have this body and look are more likely to compare themselves with the models and these comparisons affect their self-worth, leading to feelings of depression, body dissatisfaction, and lead to them being preoccupied with diet and exercise.

Modern Witches Vs Puritan Witches

Witches Warlocks

There is a lot of differences between our modern witches and the so-called witches of puritan times. Our modern witches seem very demonic and rather hideous. Puritan witches on the other hand have a sense innocence and faith about them. In our culture we view witches as nasty, not very easy on the eyes and that they have a very insidious agenda. I am guessing that the reason we personify witches this way is because most people are rationalists and try to rationalize what an agent of satan is suppost to look like.

Net Geo Salem Experience

I did not confess to being a witch. The actions i took are the same as I would have in 1692. If i was convicted of being a witch in Salem I would not confess, just say simply that God and I are the only ones who know the truth and only God can judge me, not man. I would be satisfied with the choice i had made.

Race Sorting

I only got seven right. This exercise taught me that you cannot tell for sure what race somebody is just by what they look like. I tried to place them using color and facial features which, in fact, turned out not to be a good criteria. There is defiantly more than meets the eye when it comes to judging what particular race someone is.

Using a Blog

Using a blog sounds like fun. I have never used a blog before, but it sounds kind of interesting to me. I predict that this may be a cool assignment and I look forward to using this blog.